Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tool #3

As I went through different videos, I really enjoyed watching and getting lots of ideas to share with my language arts partner. I found videos on guided reading, and I liked watching what other teachers do similar or different than me in reading groups. Additionally, I found student project videos and I got several ideas on how to integrate technology by having students make commercials to convince classmates to read their books.

About copyright and fair use-I learned that of course teachers and students can not copy entire works and that the laws seems to not always be clear, but I think the video said after 14 years it goes to a public domain since there are so many ideas created daily.

I created a dropbox account for school and home. I'm excited to have all my iphone pictures and camera pictures in one location that will always be there. And finally, I can have all my school files in one place instead of in 'my documents' folder and flash I won't be searching everywhere for one file...I can just go to my dropbox. =) I will also create a dropbox for all my student's technology projects and flipcharts (yay!).

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