Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Post #10

Digital Citizenship

  • Three things I would want to make sure my students understand about being a good digital citizen-
    • Cyber bullying.  
    • Never giving out personal information. 
    • Finding reliable sources. 
  • One of the resources I would use to share with my students is the Brain Pop videos: Cyber bullying and Digital Etiquette. 
  • I would teach the idea of  digital citizenship  by watching the Brain Pop videos to introduce the idea. Afterwards, we would discuss our learning...create an anchor chart in our resource area.  I would also model  for the students what digital citizenship looks like when I use my resources to find reliable resources for me or for the students to use. I would also have students create videos to share with others about what Digital Citizen ship is, what to do, and/or what not to do, etc. 
  • I plan to share with the parents the student created videos about Digital Citizenship so the parents can see how their children understand how to be a good Digital Citizen when using  technology in our classroom. 


  1. Let me know if you need help or different resources. This is a difficult topic, but one that must be covered. Almost done!

  2. Funny I was thinking the same thing about the student created digital citizenship videos. So...thought: After we have taught about the importance of digital citizenship, we could have students put together some form of technology project to present for their parents at Open House. I think that is a good way to present that info to the parents and also to demonstrate our commitment to integrating technology. However, time might be a bit of an issue...Lol!!